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 Directories of All Types of WWW E-Journals  

  • Canadian Journal of Sociology (U. Alberta, Canada)
  • Chronicon: An Electronic History Journal (University College, Cork, Ireland)
  • CinemaSpace (U. California at Berkeley, USA)
  • Complexity International (Charles Sturt U., Australia)
    [A refereed journal for scientific papers the field of complex systems, the generation of complex behaviour from the interaction of multiple parallel processes. Relevant topics include (but are not restricted to): artificial life, cellular automata, chaos theory, control theory, evolutionary programming, fractals, genetic algorithms, information systems, neural networks, non-lineardynamics, and parallel ccomputation.]
  • CTHEORY (Carnegie Mellon U., USA)
  • Cultural Dynamics (U. Gent, Belgium)
    [Table of Contents and abstracts only.]
  • Current Cites (U. California at Berkeley, USA)
    [An annotated monthly bibliography of selected articles,books, and electronic documents on information technology.]
  • Current Research in Social Psychology
    [A peer-reviewed electronic journal.]
  • Cybernetics and Human Knowing
    [A quarterly international multi- and interdisciplinary journal on second order cybernetics and cybersemiotics. The journal is devoted to the new understandings of self-organizing processes of information in human knowing that have arisen through the cybernetics of cybernetics, or second order cybernetics and its relation and relevance to other interdisciplinary approaches such as cybersemiotics. This new development within cybernetics is a nondisciplinary approach. Through the concept of self-reference it tries to explore: the meaning of cognition and communication; our understanding of organization and information in human, artificial and natural systems; and our understanding of understanding within the natural and social sciences, humanities, information and library science, and in social practices as design, education, organisation, teaching, therapy, art, management and politics.]
  • E-law: Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law (Murdoch U., Australia)
    [A general journal of law and legal issues published by the Murdoch University School of Law. It contains articles in four categories: NetWatch, Current Developments, Materials for Comment / Works in Progress, and Refereed Articles.]
  • Early America Review (USA)
    [Online quarterly of fact and opinion on the people, issues and events of 18th Century America.]
  • Electronic Australian Journal of Management (U. of New South Wales, Australia)
    [Research in applied economics, finance, industrial relations, political science, psychology, statistics, and other disciplines, provided the application is to management, as well as research in areas such as marketing, corporate strategy, operations management, organisation development, decision analysis and other problem-focused paradigms.]
  • Electronic Green Journal (U. Idaho, USA)
  • Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy (Indiana U., USA)
  • Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History (James Cook U., Australia)
    [Scholarly Articles; Book Reviews; History in Electronic Media; Editions of Historical Documents; Teaching Resources.]
  • Electronic Journal of Sociology (U. Alberta, Canada)
  • Electronic Newsletter for the History of Astronomy (U. Bonn, Germany)
  • Endangered Languages Newsletter (U. Tokyo, Japan)
  • Essays in History (U. Virginia, USA)
  • Ethical Spectacle
    [An electronic monthly newsletter covering the intersection (or collision) of ethics, law and politics in the US and the world today.]
  • EURODATA Newsletter
    [Published by the EURODATA Research Archive of the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES), it contains twice yearly information for social scientists concerned with comparative research on Europe.]
  • Europaea (Italy)
    [A Journal for Europeanists that "arises from renewed interest in those studies generically defined as 'European ethnology', and thus from the need for a new tool for investigation and confrontation, available to anyone in the world concerned with Europe from ethnological or anthropological viewpoint, regardless of his theoretical orientation, his subject or his research methods."]
  • FineArt Forum (Missisippi State U., USA)
  • First Monday (, Denmark)
    [A peer-reviewed monthly e-journal about the Internet. It covers the Internet from the point of view of political and regulatory events, economic, political and social factors, software research anddevelopment, usage in specific communities, standards, and content.]
  • Gestalt! (St. John's U., USA)!/masthead/
    [Refereed Gestalt Therapy e-journal. "We're not a copy of anything else. We're not a part of any official organization. We are interested in the people of Gestalt psychology and psychotherapy - those making things happen, talking about Gestalt theory, and practicing Gestalt principles everywhere in the world."]
  • HASN - History of Australian Science Newsletter (ASAP, Australia)
  • Heuresis (U. Cadiz, Spain)
    [An electronic journal in Spanish for discussion of issues concerning educational development, with a focus on Educational and Curriculum Research.]
  • History Reviews On-Line (U. Cincinnati, USA)
    [An electronic quarterly devoted to reviewing books on all fields of history.]
  • Kanwa Intelligence Review
    [Information, analysis, and opinion on East Asian military and defense issues. Detailed text (in English or Japanese) available only to subscribers.]
  • MERGER Newsletter (Utrecht U., Netherlands)
    [The newsletter of the Migration and Ethnic Relations Group for European Research. It is published three times ayear by the European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations (ERCOMER) in the Netherlands.]
  • MISQ Archivist
    [An e-journal production of the print journal Management Information Systems Quarterly. Manuscripts are peer reviewed as with those submitted to MIS Quarterly. The Archivist also is a repository for data, measures, etcetera for articles published in the MIS Quarterly.]
  • MISQ Discovery
    [MISQ (= Management Information Systems Quarterly) Discovery is a refereed electronic research outlet dedicated to advancement in knowledge creation and dissemination through use of worldwide information networks.]
  • Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA)
  • Native Title Newsletter (Native Title Research Unit, AIATSIS, Australia)
    [Contents: Current news, Native Title in the News, Reports about Native Title Issues in Australian media, Recent publications, New NTRU publication, Have your say! - Reader Survey.]
  • New Community - the Journal of the European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations (ERCOMER, Netherlands)
    [The New Community Site provides the following information: index and abstracts of journal issues, guidelines for contributors,information on subscription and ordering.]
  • Qualitative Report (Nova Southeastern U., USA)
    [On-line journal devoted to writing and discussion of and about qualitative research and critical inquiry.]
  • Research and Analysis (Australia)
    [A newsletter of the Australian Land Warfare Studies Centre, previously known as the Directorate of Army Research and Analysis - DARA.]
  • Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica (U. Milano, Italy)
    [The site offers the complete indexes of the RISP journal (which is the major Italian political science journal), abstracts of the articles (in English, starting from 1991), book reviews indexes, forthcomingevents, etc.]
  • Romanticism On the Net (Oxford U., UK) (Stanford U., USA)
    [A peer-reviewed, electronic ournal devoted to Romantic Studies -- principally as manifested in English literature.]
  • Rural Society Quarterly (Charles Sturt U., Australia)
  • TNO: The Network Observer (U.California at San Diego, USA)
  • Theatre and Drama Journals links (Oxford Brookes U., UK)
  • Theoretical Anthropology (U. Vienna, Austria)
    [A bi-monthly digest in support of alternative and transformative movements that are working to promote a transnational network for people who are creating "the new social paradigm" to change the world by changing their own lives and adopting appropriate technologies and lifestyles. The e-digest makes available a compendium of abstracts from over 1000 publications, papers, projects and people who are active in the "Gaian Cultural Transition."]
  • TROUT: E-journal of New Zealand and Pacific Islands Literature (U. Auckland Library, New Zealand)
    [An electronic quarterly (est. Jan 1997) intended to encourage writers and artists to explore the new medium of the web.]
  • Union Seminary Quarterly Review (Columbia U., USA)
    [Edited and produced by graduate students at Union Theological Seminary/Columbia University in the city of New York.]
  • World Archaeological Bulletin (U. Southampton, UK)
  • Worldwide Attitudes (Australian National U., Australia)
    [Refereed sociological e-journal (ISSN 1323-9589), hosted by National Social Science Survey (NSSS), ANU; est. Feb 1995, weekly issues published as text files and e-mail postings.]

Directories of All Types of WWW E-Journals

  • Australian Journals Online (Australia)
    [A current listing of over 1,000 Australian electronic journals, magazines, webzines, e-mail fanzines, etc. - including overseas works with Australian content, authorship and/or emphasis.]
  • Directories of Electronic Journals
    [Keyword searchable database and extensive links to other resource facilities, supported by the U. of California at San Diego.]
  • e-zine-list
    [A directory of electronic journals and magazines, accessible via the Web, Gopher, FTP, email, or other services. The list is updated approximately monthly. Alphabetical by title, can be browsed by keyword. Well maintained by John Labovitz.]
  • Journals and Newspapers (Carnegie Mellon U., USA)
    [A short alphabetical list of online journals, with links to other directories. A service of The English Server.]
  • New Jour
    [An archive for a major list of electronic journals and newsletters available on the Internet.]
  • Scholarly Journals Distributed Via the World Wide Web (U. Houston, USA)
    [An alphabetically organized directory that provides links to established web-based scholarly journals that offer access to English language article files without requiring user registration or fees.]

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